Fran Beans Lore Thread

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Fran Beans Lore Thread

Post by Ecto » Mon Oct 12, 2020 12:48 am

We can add and discuss Fran lore here.
Snapshot of the current info from the lore doc:

Electric blood, charging pregame ritual, coffee anything
Possible Sword?
Full name Francisca Katarina Beans
Robot arm(s)
Im in love with the concept of butch robot arms cowboy with a massive sword
Shes big and shes muscular and im in love with her
Cowboy hat ??? I heard cowboy hat! (Vaquero is cowboy in Spanish)
Bigger sword=more lesbian?
Buster sword? Zweihander? All of them? She chooses sword game by game?
Her swords are named after beans? A long sword named pinto? Is this anything (YES)(double yes)
Refried the unholy zweihander
Garbanzo the flaming broadsword
This woman is an aesthetic mess (<3). Wild west medieval cyberpunk lesbian God of war
Brock and her = shadow folks?????
I am ready for the thirsty fan art
Maybe a robot horse steed? Named …. Frijole…. ¡Vamos Frijole!
Matching rattlesnake tattoos from the shadows? (Maybe Fran and Brock both came from Gastronomic Conjury Guild? ACTUALLY BODYGAURDS FOR LEGAL TEAM)
If Fran ever becomes a pitcher and doesn’t get the ability to Bean batters then I am gonna Scream real loud
Pregame charging ritual involves building up electric power in her sword-bat like Dragonball Z Spirit Bomb ((important))
I want to be clear that yes she is charging up but she's also charging YOU. She's coming for you. Run if you like. (what about also charging people with crimes due to her experience on the legal team?)
Intimidate: Lowers the Attack of all opponents by one stage when the ability-bearer switches in (including the start of a battle).
Espada Frijoles (Beans Sword)
Fran carries a duffel bag just filled with all her swords. Yes that would weigh upwards of one metric ton and no that is not an issue for her. This is actually why her baserunning is so mediocre. No she won't ditch the swords to run faster. (a duffel bag, or like a quiver of arrows across her back but it’s just filled with swords. More like a golf bag?)
fran hands you a chicken wing. you take a bite. it tastes funny. you look at the bite. theres beans in there. (yum) (bean curd wings -> tofu wings)
Wings come in all shapes and sizes :)
Drinks raf's milk but she can't really taste anything but Raf still calls it a W
Fran gives Raf a weird look whenever he mentions inventing Pitching Fuel, one almost wonders if perhaps Fran had something to do with it.
Talk to the garages about potential sibling? Spark Beans?
Had to abandon her bean farm because ??
Spent years traveling the West and training in swordplay
When the legal team was confronted by ?? in a saloon, she stepped in and offered to protect them for a price of ??

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Re: Fran Beans Lore Thread

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