Brock Watson Lore Thread

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Brock Watson Lore Thread

Post by Ecto » Mon Oct 12, 2020 12:49 am

We can add and discuss Brock lore here.
Snapshot of lore doc info:

Acidic blood, unknown pregame ritual, coffee macchiato
Reptilian? Dragon!!!!!!!? We do need dragons after all. (seconded) (sounds epic)
Maybe a horned lizard? (+1)
What if Axolotl? Native to lakes, including the one that Mexico City is on top of
Reverse medusa power - turns stones into snakes, so we can have a thing about the eagle and the snake on the rock in the lake in Mexico City (that’s pretty funny)
Rattlesnake tattoos on arms? (:eyes:)
I’m thinkin’ tough personality, sorta like an old detective
Smug, stocky lizard/dragon bro. Bear/dad bod. Geologist vibe, with the khaki vest and spectacles. Ink on scales? Heck, stranger things have happened. Crocodile theme? Dragon? Weird?
Geologist who wields a gneiss bat branded with the number 190 (nice)
Himbo? Maybe
I’m getting fieldwork-rugged-academia vibes because geologist (like they wear a dirty suit vest to work) and has a few hardhats in the office
Husband/brother of Joshua Watson? (+6 to husband also the chicagans said they liked this)
Joshua’s loving partner/splorts rival (rivals to lovers to loving rivals)
At the very least supportive of Joshua’s role as long-distance mayor
BLASILISK - like a basilisk but turns stones into blaseball players, i.e. depetrifies them. This power allows Gwiffin to become animated as a player occasionally?? (def like Blasilisk, kinda like the powers to be restricted to just snakes, so they aren’t OP) (fine with me, edited!!)
VOTE: bipedal () / quad+pedal like 4 to 6 legs () / 4 back legs and 2 front legs that are used as arms (1)
Lived in a cave upon which the Bucket was built since ancient times
Was found by legal team and brought into their employ as a bodyguard
Josh found them after taking a wrong turn on the way to the locker room and started visiting occasionally, sparking into romance
Bit a stela (large carved stone pillar) shaped as a griffin, blasilisk powers animated this into Adkins Gwiffin
Legal team recalled Case and their assistant, Kennedy, sending Brock in to play

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Re: Brock Watson Lore Thread

Post by Heron Baron » Mon Oct 12, 2020 12:55 am

Hey if we're going the "bear + draconic/lizard + basilisk" route can I propose a Gila monster? hell I'd be OK drawing a Gila monster taur if that's where folks wanna go

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Re: Brock Watson Lore Thread

Post by Ecto » Mon Oct 12, 2020 7:20 am

The fat gila tail would be cool yeah, and the coloration is def in the right ballpark for the Wings. I proposed that they are kind of lizardtaurish yeah, with like a low squat four-legged back part and tail and a barrel-chested two-armed upright torso? Nobody else voted on number of legs though, I don't have strong feelings about that part.

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Re: Brock Watson Lore Thread

Post by Fish » Tue Oct 13, 2020 1:39 am

I think we ended up going v light on the physical description bc lots of people had different ideas. However do pls draw them as a Gila monster I want to see it.

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Re: Brock Watson Lore Thread

Post by monorail » Tue Oct 13, 2020 2:27 am


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Re: Brock Watson Lore Thread

Post by thr33h3ad3ddragon » Wed Oct 14, 2020 3:43 pm

I just saw taur Brock suggestion and I am thinking about it respectfully 👀
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I can be yuor Beast OwO

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